History: Introduction.


As I dug deeper into the matter of our history, pre-flood and post-flood, the more I got both excited and freaked out, at the same time, on most occasions I must add. Nevertheless, it's (to me anyway) really fascinating. Also important to understand is, is that I am not a Religious Person, I believe in Source, but not in Organized Religion, that said, I do respect the People who truly follow the path towards their conviction. I also like to keep this work as short and direct as possible, so I am keeping examples to a minimum, that said, everything I am showing Ye here is simply verified by Yourselves.  The many links are added to keep the article interactive and to make You aware of some great researchers out there.


Image: Vulcan Post.

Now, what's a Pyramid? No, I don't mean it's function, I mean the basics of a Pyramid. A Pyramid is three squares, think about that one for a while, once You start getting that, You will have made a first step towards understanding part of 369.

​I will create separate partitions for each point of interest.




​Nahan (Origin), my take on how the Universe came into existence.

​Pre-Flood (> 10.000 BC), short oversight into a largely fragmented era.

​Post-Flood (< 10.000 BC), the Deception.